Water Treatment Chemical
Standard of this Water Treatment Chemicals range has been tested on the basis of its composition, possible health hazards, chemical features and shelf life. This substance is cost effective.
Agro Chemicals
Our company is delivering Agro Chemicals that include Amino acid, nitric acid chemicals, etc. These chemicals are available in powder and liquid form for easy integration and dissolvability.
Industrial Resin
The provided Industrial Resins are used in various processes to create high-quality and dimensionally stable products. These resins are available in different grades, chemical properties, etc.
Inorganic Chemical
TECHCHEM ELECTRO ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED is known for supplying Inorganic Chemicals that are used in numerous industries. These chemicals are used in pigments, food ingredients, crackers, and other products.
Our company is reputed for delivering Fertilizers that are extensively used by farmers and agro industries. These help the plants or crops to boost up the growth and nutritional value on a large scale.
Textile Chemicals
Textile industry cater to the clothing requirements of the customers. Therefore, it needs to come up with distinctive designs, patterns, and products. To make the production process easy, our company delivers textile chemicals to them.
Speciality Chemicals
Our company successfully caters to the requirements of various industries by supplying Speciality Chemicals. They can get hydrogen peroxide, mono sodium phosphate, ammonium sulphate crystal, and other chemicals at reasonable prices.
Our company is offering solvents to different industries such as textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, rubber, metal, and others. These solvents include isopropyl alcohol, methanol chemical, toluene chemical, and much more.
Chemical Supplies
TECHCHEM ELECTRO ENGINEERS PRIVATE LIMITED is giving chemical supplies to various industries. These chemicals are safe to use and dissolve with other corrosive compounds. They also rarely react to the skin.

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